Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sophomore year reflections :)

as i sit in a room covered in trash bags and suitcases, i HAVE to ask, where did the time go ? i feel like i slept through sophomore year lol ... for every bad day, i had 3 good ones. i could complain about the ridiculous amount of work i had to do or the friendships that dissolved, but what would be the point in reflecting on bad times ?

i have very few memories of this year but here are a few.


2. homecoming.

3. that suspect encounter with a bong. [no comment] lol.

4. random kickback w/ my fave PHILLY dudes.

5. piedmont park excursion.

6. midnight stroll in midtown.

I became closer to GOD and closer to my friends at spelman. my intellectual thoughts were challenged and critiqued. i learned a lot about myself and about what i want out of life and out of social relationships. partying is fun but i don't need to party every day or even every weekend :) i got the courage to give people a chance ; sometimes i was let down, but i don't regret stepping outside of my box. i gained some sense of independence, laughed till i cried and repeated random knowledge to my friends, lol. sitting in my room on my last night at spelman until spring 2011 [studying abroad in ghana fall 2010 !], i am nostalgic yet excited.

2 years down, 2 more to go :)