Monday, July 12, 2010 are my friend.

this is and always will be one of my favorite songs. hands down. when did you fall in love with hip hop ? CLASSIC.

the evil step-child.

I sympathize with my Black brothers. I really do. now don't confuse sympathizing with pity because I do not pity anyone. I see you struggle to make it to the top in a world where society makes negative assumptions about your wants or need. they push you to the bottom, caring less about your success or failure.

I see your struggle with racist police officers -- some of which look like you and me but have been re-programmed to believe that you're as hopeless as other races say you are. women don't love you for who you are but for what you have, not realizing what you have to endure to get in a position to provide for us the way that we want you to. we criticize your views, your styles and your mistakes as if we are perfect. we beg for you to be someone who you are not just to control you. what makes us any different than the rest of society ? not every woman is guilty and not every man is innocent, but both sexes play a role in the perpetuation of Black male stereotypes and it's about time that we both recognize our own mistakes.

some of you constantly face closed doors. and open doors are quickly slammed for undisclosed reasons. your options fall far from available. you're slapped and beaten with negative remarks and stigmas that disguise your capabilities and potential. you're laughed at when joining others in the game of life because your skin color is associated with a presumed intelligence or lack thereof. you are encouraged to play sports and entertain and not to fully exercise your brain. you are forced to win several rounds against society before being declared a worthy opponent and even then, you're still considered a non-threat.

i understand. society won't nurture you or provide you with the tools that you need. they'd rather lock you in a cage where they can monitor and limit your goals and intelligence. you're the one for which nobody claims responsibility. your existence is ignored and your words blend with the sounds of sirens and gunshots.

just know that there is somebody out there rooting for you :)