Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mardi gras 2010 !

you only live life once. so why not do the most ? mardi gras was the experience of a lifetime. i definitely recommend it to EVERYBODY -- young and old. bourbon street is always live. just make sure you bring your jackets and gloves ! lol.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

all is fair...?

have you ever felt a knot in the pit of your stomach because you couldn't have the one you really wanted ? you wait for the day when he (or she) will wrap his/her arms around you, engage in a long passionate kiss and say those three magic words. do you know what it feels like to come close to that day and have it taken away from you for what seems like no reason ? there are some people that you fall in love with and don't know it until they don't love you back or they're loving someone else =/

luckily for monica , she got the D BACK. lol.

Friday, February 5, 2010

amazing music :)

a good friend of mine introduced me to this MAROON 5 "call and response: the remix album" and i must say , i loved it the second that the first song played. so many different beats & artists collaborated with our favorite maroon 5 songs. it's pretty much amazing. if you love good music , please check it out !

shoutout to my brother justin ! lol.

the gray area.

people always ask the question, "why does everything have to be black or white ?"

well we live in a world where we strive for clarity. clarity is the most important factor in our lives. yet , we can never TRULY be clear in politics , friendships , relationships , jobs ... let's just face it : when it comes to clarity , human beings suck. even though it is what we long for 99% of the time , we cannot bring ourselves to make a decision until the very last second or until we're given an ultimatum. when we "like" someone on a romantic level and the feeling is mutual , we want to know , what are we doing ? in other words , are we together or not ? most of the time the answer will be what do you mean ? and why does it have to be one or the other ? wtf does that even mean ?

in all actuality there is no REAL gray area. the gray area is messy. it disappears and reappears at your convenience. it's a middle space that is easily occupied. anybody can come and go through that space without putting forth too much effort because we want life to be easy and effortless. we expect matters of the heart to be perfect and when they are not , we flee to the gray area -- where you can have your cake and eat it too. we're greedy. and more importantly , we are unclear.

but at the end of the day. everything is in black or white. you're either in love or you're not. you trust me or you don't. you're either alive or dead. period.