Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

there are certain people that you expect to live forever.

it all started with my old school parents who taped every Michael Jackson event in the 80s and 90s starting with the Motown 25 year anniversary show where he debuted the infamous moonwalk. my best friend who is a big fan of Michael turned me on to him and the Jackson 5 -- full blast. she gave me some of her jackson 5 cds and we used to get on the phone and jam to michael jackson songs -- yes we sang on the phone because we were bored and we loved music. lol. but most importantly i connected with michael on a level that i did not connect with other artists even though he wasn't exactly "of my generation". that's neither here nor there. so here it is,

Dear Michael,

when i woke up this morning i thought today was going to be a GREAT day. i was happy, rejuvenated and excited about the sweltering heat that had finally come my way. then around 530 pm i heard the news that God (or Jehovah in your case) had come to take you home. and i screamed in disbelief, disappointment and sadness. you are the only artist that has caused me to burst into tears in the middle of the street because you are at your final rest. but I'm happy because that's exactly what you needed. rest. rest from the drama, accusations, negativity and pressure. rest from this world. you've left behind a PHENOMENAL legacy that i have yet to experience from any other artist in my life. i feel like i know you because it's like i watched you grow up but not really since i wasn't there at the time. lol. thank you for showing the world what true music sounds like and what a true entertainer is. your dance moves and music are both inspiring and sensational. you truly and wholeheartedly will be missed.

with love,
Jamila Davis

A week ago I asked the question 'what if michael jackson died ?' i wish i never had to know the answer to that question.

Monday, June 22, 2009

you know what really grinds my gears ?

1. ...when people fall asleep on me at their house. i could have stayed home for that.
2. ...when people try to tell you who to invite to something that you planned.
3. ...people that pop in and out of my life.
4. ...when people lie about stupid stuff that i probably don't really give a sh*t about.
5. ...when i ask a question and get answered with a question ?
6. ...when my father eats the food that he KNOWS my mom bought for me !
7. ...when people say that they wanna see me but then for some reason, it never happens. and then they say "omg where have you been ?" wtf.
8. ...when people drive 10 mph on a single laned road. arrgggh =/
9. ...when people drive like assholes in the rain...or sun...or just in general !
10. ...when people run through red lights after its been red for 15 seconds.
11. ...when the police tell me that i can't double park when i'm waiting for someone. stfu !
12. ...when the police tell boys that they can't stand outside and converse in front of their own house. every black man is not a drug dealer.
13. ...when GROWN MEN tell me that i'm beautiful. clearly you're 40.
14. ...when people tell you to pull over so that they can talk to you while they are walking. you're walking. i'm driving. do you see anything wrong with this pictura ?
15. ...when dudes say "ay yo" to get my attention and then ask "you don't hear me talking to you ?" shut up talking to me.
16. ghetto girls.
17. sticky or messy hands or fingers.
18. trifling parents.
19. i g n o r a n c e
20. ...when people complain about every little thing obama does -- like killing a freakin fly ! wtf ?

finding forever :)

i have been watching you grow from a boy into almost man (not there yet lol) and while the experience isn't always pleasant, it's an experience nonetheless. i watched you date every girl in the 7th grade. i watched you charm 12 and 13 year olds into thinking that you were the one that they wanted to marry. haha. i watched you stumble over any and everything over and over and over again. lmao. i watched you sing solos in the choir. i watched you quit choir to play basketball. i watched your voice go through that a w k w a r d change. i watched you come back to choir again. i watched you graduate from middle school. i watched you start high school. i've seen you in jerseys, polos, hoodies, t-shirts, dickies, button ups and cargo shorts. air forces, shelltoes, converses, dcs, timberlands, rockports, and 992s. i watched you charm more and more girls. lol. i've watched your hair grow on your face and your head. i've watched your style change. i've watched you play more basketball, get decent grades and....not so decent grades. lol. i've watched you throw tantrums. i've watched you play follow the leader. i've watched your maturity level grow. i've watched you become more and more...YOU.

7 years, 2 graduations, and 10 breakups later, you are still my best friend.

you are still the one i call when i'm bored and just want to get out of the house. you are still the one i text when i'm laying around. you are still the one i go to outback and olive garden with all thee time. you are still the one that's seen me at my absolute worse and my absolute best. you were there for me through 2 parental heart surgeries, illnesses, near death experiences, the majority of high school, great grades and...not so great grades, tears, laughter, smiles, anger, 4 cell phones, and 1504927439762 mood swings. lol. and while things have changed because we've gotten a couple of years older, we are still as close as we can possibly be :) because at the end of the day we still have each other. after all of the slammed doors, flying cell phones, back turning, screaming, crying, yelling, cussing, stomach turning and life threatening texts, knock down, drag out week long battles, we still have each other. lmao. it's only hilarious if you know me and you know him. i laugh now but tomorrow may be a different story.

stevi says : once in a while, there is a guy that will appreciate everything you do, that will tell you you're beautiful without telling you what you could have done differently.

with that being said...

harry freakin potter !

i love harry potter. always have. always will.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the trend of our generation.

i was watching the mtv show 16 and pregnant and i have to admit that as much as i see this on the daily basis, it truly irritated me to watch it on tv.

so this is the world we live in. we make a tv show about the trend of underage pregnancy in america. we follow these teenage girls who get pregnant before they can graduate and no it's not the end of the world, but it's still painful to watch. i say painful because most of the time i am seeing young girls with even younger boys, taking on responsibilities they can not even wrap their head around. i am seeing young girls fall into the trap of believing that this boy is willing to help her take care of a baby. so she gives up her life and what she loves and he gives up practically nothing. boys do not carry babies. they do not experience the back pain and discomfort throughout the night. they do not have to stay at home with the baby. they do not have any physical connection with the baby when it is born. they do not give birth. they do not have any REAL reason to stick around if they don't want to.

it's really sad but it really touches me that there are so many young women continuing to do what they have to do AND take care of their babies despite the lack of support they are receiving. this may seem irrelevant and repetitive but it really grinded my gears. so i wrote about it =]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rub the bean for goodluck : )

lying back squinting my eyes and staring at the sun lit sky as we answer texts, take pictures simultaneously and then get our seven chuckles off of how bad they turned out lol. or how unique the lighting or angle is. or the severity of the ugly faces being made when we weren't quite ready to have our picture taken. sifting through the sand between our toes. opening and closing our hands softly while watching the pale colored otherwise considered dirt slip from our grasp. like childhood.

but this is one of the closest things to it.

rinsing our muddy feet in the salty ocean water filled with jellyfish and sand crabs that we can catch once the wave settles them at our feet. and as the tide tries to take them away. the ultimate joy and look of accomplishment resonating in the eyes of some city girls with little appreciation for bugs or any crawling creatures for that matter. using our index finger as a drawing tool and the damp compact dark brown sand as our easel to write our names and who we love and what we love or just 'love' before it gets washed away. haha.

for a moment, the thoughts of being dirty from the sand sticking to our wet feet and legs and residing under our manicured fingernails subside. and the excitement to model our bare skin and experience the freedom we've lacked during our latter years due to silly teenage fear takes over. nothing else matters as we take in the subtle breeze that graces our skin and sends a chill over our bodies as we become 1/2 shade 'browner' from the open sun. nothing to obstruct our peace except each other.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

till death do us part.

her face kisses the sheets as the feather fluffed pillows fly from the bed that they christened over a decade ago. the passion marks consume her body as if she was attacked by leeches--unleashed and untamed with little regard for human life. her body is an array of colors reminiscent of a beautiful rainbow after a torrential storm. the bags under her eyes carry the burdens of life, love and marriage--frequently seeping with loose wet droplets of blood and tears. bags that disintegrate.

a constant ringing in her ear that barricades all understanding and communication due to the constant glass shattering shrieks and screams that curdle your blood. AND HIS. as she floats down the street like a zombie angel waiting for its eternal rest. the world smiles and gives awkward nods of approval that aren't any more awkward than her wrinkled lips and random crutches and casts that they can't miss but choose to avoid. repetitive forced facial reconstructive surgery. every month she's someone new - losing who she used to be and denying her true identity. why ? because he loves her too much.