Friday, August 28, 2009

lesson learned.

on april 4, 2009 , i received a phone call from my mother who was in north carolina with all of my cousins and extended family for my little cousin's bday. when i talked to my cousin's grandmother, she asked when i was coming back to north carolina since i hadn't visited in about 2 years. it seems like every summer after 10th grade, i'd been too busy to go down there. i told her i would be back during summer 2009 and i had every intention of doing so . . . but i never got a chance to.

last night, my mother called to tell me that mama spence passed away.

naturally, i won't be able to attend the funeral because i'm away at school and i don't have the means to go to north carolina.

lesson learned : never get too busy for family or friends. you never know when it'll be your last chance to see them =/

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