Sunday, August 22, 2010

mother dearest :)

4 weeks ago, I began my journey across the atlantic to a foreign land for a new beginning in the middle of a short story called college. i moved to ghana to start my junior year off right, away from the superficial cattiness of America, to breathe new air and set myself a part from millions of people who have doubted and diminished the value of the MOTHERLAND and all she has to offer. so far it has been a decision that i both loathe and love. you see, ghana and i are in the early/awkward stage of our relationship. her family isn't quite fond of me yet. her traditions are so different from my own. we don't exactly share similar interests in food or clothing and i'm not really comfortable in her space as of yet. she makes me tread far distances on an uneven ground. she keeps me guessing and constantly on my toes. sometimes she is really good to me and other times, she gives me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. she rains on my parade A LOT, then sends the sun to dry all of my discontent. she makes me laugh when she reveals her complicated beauty and worth and i can't help but to wonder what's in store for us . . .

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