Friday, July 17, 2009

more bold than beautiful =/

lately I have been listening to nothing but mj tracks because his music just completely captivates me. the beat is amazing. the instrumental just makes you wanna dance and snap and rock from side to side. i subconsciously do it every time i hear his voice. there's something about a real artist that i truly enjoy. however, when i do decide to take a break from my mj history album, i am somewhat annoyed. the first time i heard the song 'wet' by twista i was so unbelievably disgusted and uncomfortable that i didn't even want to listen. so much for mystery. and when i change the channel i hear 'birthday sex' (which i never really liked to begin with). oh and when i change the channel again, i hear 'every girl'. now don't get me wrong ; i listen to my set of raunchy music every now and then but what ever happened to REAL music. REAL lyrics. REAL love songs. REAL beats. REAL singers. back in the day, my parents listened to songs like 'let's get it on' by marvin gaye which could be placed in a sexual category but the beat, the lyrics and his voice are smooth and rich. whereas now and days we have no problem with making a record saying that 'i wanna f*ck you. we don't have to be in love. its whatever. spread your legs. suck my...' well, you get the point. but i would die for some dru hill or boyz II men. the kind of songs that are actual love songs. but of course my generation doesn't believe in love so there goes that idea.

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  1. ya you should read wat I wrote on's the same thing( almost exactly) and its on my blog as well..called Music is Love.