Thursday, December 17, 2009


so i usually don't comment on the foolishness of the media and athletes , buttt some things are just ridiculous. in a matter of one week, tiger woods' approval rate dropped over 50% after getting into a car accident running from his angry wife who found out he was cheating on her. 8/10 athletes cheat on their wives and we do not spend more than one day on their story. hell, 6/10 americans cheat on their spouses. so why is this any different ?

when tiger woods came onto the scene , white people automatically claimed him as "one of theirs" because he was mixed and he was amazing. he didn't have any drama surrounding him or his lifestyle and he was a golf phenomenon. he didn't display stereotypical characteristics of other black athletes and most of all he played golf... now that we have found out about his numerous marital improprieties, white people (who control the media) have completely thrown him under the bus. the man is living on his yacht, considering moving to France ? AND has decided to take infinite leave from the golfing world. what ? because he cheated on his wife ? because he's embarrassed ? i will admit, he is a punk for that though.

regardless of how perfect we may want them to be as our role models, they are not. we hold these celebrities and athletes on this unrealistic pedestal where they represent America. they are just as important as the president and little kids aspire to be like them, not the president. children -- especially black children -- want to be athletes because it's cool but they're not nearly as interested in being smart. that's a problem.

why are we wasting so much time talking about the trivial mistakes and behaviors of NORMAL people who happen to have athletic talent, trapped in a box of perfection that does not exist ? meanwhile, troops are still dying, 16% of children are living below the poverty line and even people in the "middle class" are living pay check to pay check ? is this really what's important right now ? i have heard more about tiger woods than i have heard about the actual healthcare bill and what it entails and what it means for the american people. as a nation that is so obsessed with celebrity, will the important things ever really matter ?

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