Saturday, December 5, 2009

out of the box.

we used to call a woman with little to no fashion sense , no make-up and no particularly amazing physical features a plain jane but now in the turn of the 21st century , we have coined the term "basic bxtches" -- mostly because it's hilarious . a basic bxtch is the new BLACK plain jane and the polar opposite of a 5star or BAD bxtch .

1. can we please stop calling ourselves bxtches ? lol .

2. define BAD.

when i ask most guys to define a bad female, they say:
- she has sex appeal
- looks pretty with or without make-up
- has an amazing body
- dresses nicely

well i completely agree but i don't think that a female without all of these features is necessarily basic either. if you are comfortable with your figure, in converses, jeans and a t-shirt, be comfortable. in my opinion, being bad does not constitute that you wear heels everyday and pile on tons of make-up and an outfit that accentuates everything. i think it has more to do with your personal style and your confidence. it's a catch 22 because so many girls think that posessing all of these qualities will make her confident but in order to posess these qualities, you have to be confident in the first place. that's the key to being bad. CONFIDENCE.

the messages that subliminally influence our everyday lives make it hard for girls to appreciate their own beauty and to be confident in themselves. everybody is too busy being "the baddest" or a freakin barbie doll that they're missing the bigger picture. i'll admit that i am flattered when a guy says, "shawty bad" or whatever lol. but at the same time, i'm not trying to please anyone but myself. at the end of the day, you're your own biggest fan. so be the baddest YOU that you can be. don't let dudes, songs, artist or the media define who you are or who you wanna be.

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