Monday, March 22, 2010

convenience or love ?

oh how we all long for convenience at such a young age. we would rather the world sit in our sweaty palms than to reach out and grab it. while it's easier said than done (believe me) people still are uneasy about living the lives that they want to live. we wait for life to happen to us and then we react. NO MORE.

we stay in relationships that we've been in forever because we're afraid that we'll never find anyone else. we hold on to dudes who treat us sooo dirty because we want to believe that one day he'll get better or that we're still too young to really commit. but how young is too young and at what point do we give up the excuses ? when we're 25, will we still be too young ? when we're 35, will he still be maturing ? guys chase after girls who are loose and unclean thinking that she has "potential" ... but how much potential does a hoe really have ? seriously you guys , sometimes it's better to just let go.

we enter relationships with people because they're convenient, hoping that love will come along eventually. that's not living.

it's convenient for guys to "wife" girls who are desperate and willing to do any and every thing for him from day one.
love makes guys to anything and everything for girls who they have a genuine connection to , not because of what she can do for him.

it's convenient for two vulnerable characters to hook up. they feed off of each other. but symbiotic relationships do not exist between partners who have parasitic mindsets.
love allows two vulnerable characters to know one another's faults and insecurities and not use that to their advantage but to build better people.

it's convenient for us to see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear.
love is someone pointing out how things really are, even if it hurts.

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