Monday, March 29, 2010

the answer !

why don't women make as much money as men after all of these years ? why don't relationships last ? why don't men respect women the way they deserve to be respected ?

men do not respect women because women do not respect women.

females find it cute and attractive to be the other woman. they think it's risky. bad ass. "haha I have your man and you don't". well let me tell you this. it's not bad ass, it's not cute, it's far from attractive. and it's desperate.

as long as women allow themselves to fulfill that role, men will never think that there is anything wrong with what they are doing nor will they take responsibility for their actions. females always say, "she needs to control her man; that's not my problem" but it IS your problem. you may NOT be triflin and assume the position of spreading your legs, your lips or anything else for someone else's mate because he flirts with you enough. show some damn self restraint. just because he lights the match doesn't mean that you have to pour gasoline on the flame.

no, you do not get a pass for being the girl on the side who knows nothing about the girlfriend or the wife. if a guy treats the "women he loves" like trash by hooking up with you, why wouldn't he dispose of you at his convenience ? people will respect a woman who has been wronged by her mate before they will respect the woman who helped somebody wrong their mate. who's really dummy in the situation ?

finally, a man NEVER leaves his wife. period. and even if you claim that you don't want him, you do. because a woman would not lay down with or stalk a guy that she does not want in any way, shape or form. so at the end of the day ladies, be real with yourselves. stop making excuses for being a home wrecker and find some pride and dignity.

yes. guys who cheat are triflin and need to be dealt with because that is the person who is completely in the wrong in this situation.

however, WOMEN need to have more respect for other WOMEN and for themselves. as long as we're constantly trying to pull the wool over one another's eyes, we'll never receive equal treatment from men in society.


  1. Thank you for this post! Well and concisely said.