Thursday, March 12, 2009

party girl.

sex. drugs. alcohol. hookah bars. is that who you are ? your shadow resonates on the wall but your face is still obsolete. i can't take advantage of the corner in which you stand. you grab my hand. who are you ? i close my eyes and touch your lips. it's like a dream. and you're my fix. the bass jumps through my feet and crawls into my veins. all i feel is pain. your disposition is rare. it compliments the shallow soul underneath your hood.

the room is white, the floor is bare. i hear the creak beneath my feet as you rip me apart and tear into my heart. i cry. my vision is clear but you're still blurry. as we rock back and forth, i scream. deliver us from evil. for we have sinned. unzipped and UN-snapped. our faces hardly touch but the moment is still there. you shoot the gun and i take off running into empty space where i can feel the bass again and my knee caps pop and the vibe is whole. please fill this hole. we're almost there. incomplete fulfillment. remnants fly across the room. my eyes are forever shut but i still can feel the bass.

1 comment:

  1. this is really good.
    im not completelty sure if i get it all tho
    but yet its good