Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving Cool

A great man once said "Take off your cool, I wanna see you".

But who doesn't want a cool guy?

I like fly dudes with their flannel plaid shirts, their trash bag vests, their funny colored shoes and their solid color hats. I like how they saunter through the crowd giving daps and hugs, flashing their pearly whites while keeping their face so. . .cool. Is that what I like the most?


But I love fly dudes with their flannel pajama pants, their random t-shirts, their solid color hoodies and their Nike flip flops. I love it cause that's when you know you've peeled back the layers of that facade and found the dude of your dreams. I love it.

So now you're in your hooping shorts and white v-neck, I see you. I notice that you're actually a little shorter without your funny colored shoes and you're a little scrawny without your trash bag vest and your flannel shirt and that your head is weirdly shaped without your solid colored hat.

But you're still cool because when you speak, I hear the sincerity in your tone and the way you laugh is dorky but it's cute and so unique and your hugs are not so phony--they last for 53 seconds and you're just . . . like . . . me.

Cause you hate school but you're a great student and you love math but you hate homework and you're sexy and funny but your heart is so fragile and you're quiet but only when you get around me and you know you can wear glasses or switch back to contacts and you listen to Gucci but you can jam to Dru Hill and you're far from the best but you're nothing like the worst.

yeah, that's cool.


  1. ya that was fly
    i like the lupe n da andre 3thou references
    and da stan references lol

  2. hate school love math
    gucci to dru hill
    glasses to contacts
    dorky laugh

  3. mann ! i still love this one . amazinggg