Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the sky may fall...

memories of what used to be destroy his present perception.
a terribly twisted and woven web of deceit, lies and hate lay in the cusps of his cerebral,
consuming intelligent space of trust while disrupting his forethought.
tears drip drop from his heart and fall to his soul--drowning his faith in a pool of pain.
a disillusion causes him to draw irrational and immoral conclusions that stunt his emotional growth; (we call this puberty)
fallacies shackle and hang him in a cage filled with self-centered-ness.
a slave to fallacies at the center of himself.
emotionally disengaged with the opposite sex
threatened by her scent and prenuptial power, yet drawn to her physical being
like a bitch in heat, lust manifests itself and allows him to physically connect to anything to relieve his pain
drowning in his own disarray of feelings is referred to as femininity
and his apathy for the heart of another is referred to as masculinity.
socialized to accept temptation's invitation
he embodies the true qualities of a coward or an idiot.
constant clouds congregate around his mind
and meet just above his heart
only to be washed away by tears
and excreted like waste
he feels like waste.

he wonders if he'll ever love again...


  1. Very Very interesting
    I enjoyed that!
    very good.

  2. that was awsum!
    and i actually understood it...i dont ususally understand poems...thats y i dont like them.
    but this was awsumness :)
    yay for jamila!