Monday, November 23, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel.

school can really transform me into the ultimate...bxtch. and i hate the word. and i hate the fact that it has snuck up on my back and jilted its way into my life. random outbursts. disconnection from family and friends. malnutrition. and complete and utter frustration 24/7. lol.

for example, somebody who i am not that close to AT ALL asked me to hold my labs which take 3 hours a piece. 3 hours. and not only did she want it for herself, but she wanted for her friend too ? aww hellllll no. lol. i am so sorry but i do what i have to do to get my work done. that shxt took wayyyy too long for me to just hand it off to her ass. are you kidding me ? lol.

writing papers, doing pointless labs, journals, random assignments, tests and the whole time i have been beggggging for a break. now of course my situation could be worse. but then again, how could it be ? what's worse than feeling like a psycho trapped on campus 90% of the week ? then the other 10% that you're not on campus you're getting fast food. what the...? when did i sign up for this ? lol. no but seriously.

these past couple of weeks have been a test of endurance that i had no idea i would be particiating in. i just really want to RELAX. but even when i try to relax, i'm constantly thinking about where i have to go, what i have to do, what's due, when am i gonna do it ? why can't i just sit back and enjoy the age of 19 without feeling heavy burdens tied to my head ? lol. damn.


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