Saturday, April 17, 2010

where does the time go ?

yesterday, i graduated from kindergarten.

with the title of "the mayor of munchkin land" in the wizard of oz [school play] under my belt, i was ready. at 3'7, 50 lbs, i believed that i was 6 ft tall. the world was my playground -- literally. the concrete was full of opportunity. pastel chalk sticks covered the pavement until they were washed away by the steps of my neighbors and the scuffs of my shoes, jumping rope. any mistakes that were made in marking the concrete could easily be washed away by the lukewarm summer rain. my scars and bruises were temporary. they only covered the surface and existed far from the heart. easily mended by colorful band-aids with my favorite disney characters. the only thing that could make me cry was being told that I couldn't go outside and play or if i had to get my hair done, lol. the fireflies i chased landed right into my hands. i could keep them forever in my jar covered by aluminum foil, lol. and when and ONLY when i was ready, i could just let them go.

how different are things now ?

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