Monday, January 25, 2010

just a thought.

humans are naturally sexual beings yet every time SEX is brought into a conversation , people become uncomfortable and withdrawn. why are we so afraid to discuss something so natural ? probably because its natural purposes have been characterized more as an after thought than a purpose. for example , an individual participating in a sexual act that does not include penetration has no intention of procreation -- the original purpose of the act. people jump into bed with strangers completely AGAINST becoming pregnant. now something that can be so beautiful is portrayed as something so dirty. civilization has come so far that we spend most of our sexual lives preventing pregnancy because people are no longer having sex to repopulate the earth , but to release tension or gain pleasure from sex as a leisure activity like skiing or golf. haha.

it should be taken way more seriously but this is the world that we live in. you choose what's best for you.

just a thought :)


  1. hmm .
    so is having sex for pleasure and 'release' selfish ? (a real question)

    and i agree . i think people need to discuss sex A LOT more (and thats saying a lot coming from an abstinent girl) lol. people only talk about sex when theyre being vulgar or quotin' lil wayne lyrics lol . other than that, it seems like people are VERY insecure about the topic . that ultimately implies that a lot of people are too immature to even have sex in the first place , smh .

    good one !

  2. yes! everything you said are thoughts of mine and yes having sex strictly for pleasure is selfish in my opinion but like i said, i have soooo many opinions about it, i couldn't put them all into one setting lol.