Tuesday, January 26, 2010

personal growth :)

i honestly believe that every day i mature more and more as a young adult. and over the past few weeks , i have come to some interesting conclusions.

1. i am in love with someone who i have loved forever but he has been taking up way too much space in my heart and mind. i was paying more attention to him as an individual and less attention to myself as a spiritual and intellectual being. all of the love and energy that was being centered around him , needs to be redirected to GOD.

2. i have been watching opportunities pass when i should have been taking full advantage of life and everything it has to offer. i was so attached to stability that change left and after a while , so did my happiness because my life was stagnant. now i choose to go for everything that my heat desires because i deserve it :)

3. i cannot participate in self reflection through a comparison between myself and other people. i am who i am and they are who they are. the ways in which other people live their lives do not and cannot work for me because i am my own person. my self evaluation is between me , myself , and I.

4. the love that i have for my friends , family and GOD cannot be replaced or taken for granted. i don't say i love you enough and that's changing because any day could be my last.

and last but not least ,

5. i have been afraid to experience life because i was reliving the past in the present every day. but the past is exactly that for a reason. it will always be a part of me but instead of allowing it to control my present and future , i will use it to make the world a better place :) [corny , i know lol.]

finally , I'M HAPPY.

maybe some of the ideas that have been placed in my heart can help other people. maybe not.

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