Saturday, January 23, 2010

love or craft ?

have you ever wanted to do something so bad that you would trade the one you love to do it ?

the scary thing is that there are a lot of people who have. in a country where ambition outweighs familial obligations , friends and moral values , one's "passion" makes the emotional feelings that are felt by human beings appear to be obsolete. people fall in love with what they do because they can't fall in love with anything or anyone else. this obsessive behavior stems from fear , rejection and loneliness. if someone has been hurt once by someone that they were in love with , people would rather hide behind their careers than to face the facts and pick up the pieces of their lives. they get so lost in what they do , that it becomes who they are. they can no longer distinguish between the two. the personal and the professional become heavily intertwined and anything that disrupts that can send someone into a frenzy. your craft doesn't talk back and it can't break your heart. it's something that will remain a part of your life for better or for worse. no matter what , your craft presents a loyalty that cannot be found in the common person.

people love to be in control. that's why most people are workaholics. love is something that cannot be controlled. so if you had to choose between your heart and your ambition , which one would you choose ?

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