Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ahhhhh !

after reading a 50 page discussion about politics in nigeria, i flip to april 21, 2010 in my planner and realize that i have more 50 page readings, articles, 10 pg papers and extra credit assignments that need to be done in a matter of days and in some cases hours. as i scramble around my desk and sort through piles of essays, notebooks and ethnographic literature in search for research paper guidelines, i want to scream. grades, finals, applications. it all becomes too much for one person. but after scuffling through all of the junk that i've consumed during my sophomore year i come across a picture of myself and someone special to me. i realize that life isn't so bad after all because it's JUST school. when i leave for summer vacation, i can't go back and change the outcome of any situation from this semester. all i can do is move forward and pray that i will do better next time. life exists outside of these four walls called college. we're only here for FOUR years. TWO have already flown by. the years that are supposed to be the best years of our lives should be just that. so let's make memories :)

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