Monday, April 19, 2010

too connected.

obviously the past 10 years have been dominated by social networking sites -- from black planet to myspace to facebook to twitter -- how connected is TOO connected ? how affected are we by these internet sites ? last night i came to the realization that i am too connected to people who are not even my friends or associates through facebook and twitter to the point that i cannot concentrate on school because i have to know what is going on around me 24/7. ummm that's not healthy, lol.

here's my problem :

first of all, you can find out everything you need to know about a person without actually knowing them. a complete stranger can request to be your "friend" and just because you went/go to the same school or have "mutual friends", you accept them. they want to basically be nosy and see what you're about without ever holding a conversation with you. is there something wrong with that picture ? i think so.

second of all, i get tired of people telling me that they miss me so much but they have yet to pick up the phone to call or text me to actually tell me that they miss me. why is being able to see my statuses and recently uploaded or tagged pictures enough for you not to bother to hold a real conversation with me ? to me, that's unacceptable because before social networking, people actually communicated instead of pressing the "like" button underneath my pictures of statuses.

(yeah, i'm a little upset. lol.)

finally, people assume that they deserve to know my every movement and thought throughout the day because that's what we've become used to. NO, you do not get the pleasure of finding out where i am, who i am with or what i am doing via internet. again, if you really are that interested, take down my number or hit me up. otherwise, you don't deserve to know anything that you haven't asked.


  1. our soceity has forgot how to communicate with each other via phone...or even in personal...lets see how this turns out..

  2. You have a point. Ive heard about people being addictied to social networking, which sounds funny to me, but I get it. One thing I did was focus more on me and what Im doing on sites like facebook. Don't invite any friends and dont pay attention to the homepage. Funny what happened, I ended up with over 100 friend requests from people around the world wanting to see what Im doing. I dont really check it much anymore. Im cool with the fact that strangers want to know whats going outside of their little bubble, but do what you got to do!