Sunday, April 18, 2010

something you forgot.

why are we trapped in a cage of rationalization ? we want an explanation for everything. we try to make decisions for our emotions. we convince ourselves, "this is who i want to be with" instead of being real and saying what is really in our heart -- "this is who i want since i can't have who i REALLY want".

we always want things to be clear, cut and dry but unfortunately life CANNOT be that way. we teeter on the line of safety and temptation. we wait in long lines in front of every conveniently open door. we don't wanna work to see what's behind the door that has already been locked. this open door is practically broken off of its hinges so why not walk right through, right ?

life is complicated but is it ? i mean, we can simplify communication. we can simplify travel. we can simplify dinner. we can simplify work.

BUT we STILL cannot simplify our emotions. damn.

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