Friday, October 2, 2009

black barbies.

for all of those young black women who love to call themselves barbie dolls, here you go. mattel has released a new line of black barbies called the so in style aka s.i.s barbies. personally, i don't think that anything about the barbie dolls is offensive. people say that because they're wearing gold earrings and silver chains that its racist. one person said "all black people don't like hip hop". all white people aren't driving pink convertibles or wearing mini skirts but barbie does. what they're wearing is beside the point. it's a toy.
the dolls come with a little sister to promote mentoring which is another cool aspect. on top of that, these dolls are for CHILDREN, not for adults. growing up, my parents would not even purchase white dolls period. so i always had to play with crystal or the hispanic barbie or the special edition brandy doll. lol. i couldn't comb through their hair and that sucked then. but these barbies allow you to comb through their hair, wash it, curl it and straighten it. yet, people are saying that it's offensive because all black people don't have kinky hair.

if you don't like the dolls, you don't have to buy them. but otherwise, shup up and let the kids play.

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