Wednesday, October 28, 2009


we are all human but how come we can't accomplish basic human interactions ? genuine hugs are uncommon. we lack the energy or desire to participate in genuine conversation with one another -- especially the opposite sex. we view crying as a weakness. we oppress our feelings. we dispel our thoughts. we're engulfed in work and school. we are trained to be self sufficient. money has become our main motive for success. happiness is searched for but often equated with what we want instead of what we have. we spend hours with technology and we barely pay attention to the world around us.

we are desensitized to violence and death -- or at least we pretend to be. being afraid is seen as a reflection of inadequacy. people like people for what they have, not who they are. true friends are limited and our social lives are based on drugs, alcohol and parties. we learn about other people through their tweets and judge them by their facebook pictures. we probably have never held a conversation with any of the people we "know" a day in our lives.

our lives have become mechanic. at any time, we are susceptible to crash. and it's not that we want to be robotic, but we have been programmed to think that emotion is negative. we are afraid that carrying out human emotion will destroy our system. we fear that emotion will stop our heart, soften our backbone and peel layers from our skin. emotion has become acidic to us. why do we view our feelings as pathogens ? why do we believed that whatever our mind can not necessarily control is trying to attack us ? why are we attacking ourselves ?

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