Thursday, October 1, 2009

let me set the record straight.

i think the hardest thing to understand is the disillusionment of the concept of love. yes, it is beautiful. but it is not always kind. every now and then, you will argue, not fight (domestic violence is not okay lol). and she will push all of your buttons because that's what girls like to do. and he will put on his best nonchalant suit and try to ignore everything that you say because that's what guys like to do.

when she's in a bad mood, you'll have to try to lighten the mood without pissing her off. when he's not communicating, you'll have to get his attention even when you don't have the energy. sometimes you'll have to listen to her long, detailed stories when you haven't had any sleep. [she'll need your shoulder to cry on] there are times when you'll have to look her in the face and lie and tell her that everything will be ok -- even if you know that it won't be. there will be times when he'll need you to have more faith in him than he has in himself. there will be a lot of tears, anger, confusion and frustration. but there will also be a lot of happiness, smiles, and moments that will last forever. you won't always understand her and she won't always understand you. and sometimes you'll think about walking away. you'll think about indulging that guy you met across the street. you'll think about calling that girl who makes you laugh and forget about your problems. you'll think about saying "fxck you". and sometimes, you just might.

but it's not all bad. there will be a week where everything is great and you'll both spend the majority of the time smiling at each other and building memories. you'll spend time laughing and enjoying each other's company. you'll learn that you are both multifaceted people with multifaceted needs. you'll learn what it means to love.

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