Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's not a game =/

in addition to breast cancer awareness month, it's domestic violence awareness month as well. most people say it could never happen to them, but only GOD knows what will happen to you. we criticize domestic violence vicitms for not getting out of the situation but when your life is on the line, there is no telling what you will do.

when somebody is holding a gun to your head, they are controlling your life at the end of that barrel. you could be wiped off of the earth in a second or live to see your child graduate from kindergarten. it's not as clear cut as most people would think. and as much as you may hate the person holding that gun to your head, you can't just walk away. why ? because you're afraid. not because you love him. not because of the kids. simply because you fear for your life. and as crazy as it may sound, if you had to choose between being smacked and being shot, what would you choose ? at that moment, what would you do ?

now in no way am i saying that domestic abuse is okay or that victims should stay because they're scared. i'm just laying out the situation for those who are blind or ignorant. people say "leave the first time that he hits you". but before you judge, stop and think that it could have been you.

domestic violence is serious. it's not funny. it's not a game. we shouldn't criticize the victims.

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