Thursday, February 12, 2009

december 23, 2008

He’s the first thing I think about when I wake up.
When I open my eyes, my heart is already awake.
He’s the last person I think about before I go sleep.
Love never sleeps, so neither do I.
When we’re together, I’m the happiest I could ever be.
The rainy days stay far away with my love.
He’s the person that holds my heart in his hand.
His key unlocks the treasure I possess.
I prayed for God to save me.
HE sent me an angel.
He’s the first and only guy to ever break my heart.
The world broke apart what only he and I could put together.
Forgiveness healed us as much as time.
As I tried to replace the pieces of me.
But a hollow place stood still in my heart.
When I thought I was blind, he made me see.
When I started to dive off that cliff, you caught me with open arms.
“Love of my life, you are my friend.”
I would go through hell just for him.
And he would be heaven, just for me.

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