Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hate cupid much>?

The L word--is so controversial in the Black community to the point where people don't even believe it exists anymore...why? Because our hearts have been hardened and trained to underestimate every person of the opposite sex that enters our world? or because we just can't leave space in our lives for the L word and the responsibilities that come with it? Either way, we're not comfortable with living in a world where our hearts not only exist in our bodies but in someone elses. It bothers us to sacrifice ourselves for another human being because of the chance that that person may not reciprocate. But isn't it better to experience it and face possible pain than to never know what it feels like at all? We learn from our mistakes but that doesn't mean we have to live by them. So next time you feel yourself stepping into that box of cynicism ask yourself, "Hate cupid much?"

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