Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We roll the dice and play the hand that's dealt to us but life is not a game. If you treat it like one, you will not pass go and collect $200 but you will go directly to jail and guess what? There's no get out of jail free card. And $$$ only comes in one color and you can't just get money from the bank and "start". That's not how life works. We can't just pick new cards when we don't like the ones we got. That's cheating. We can't take advantage of an unaware opponent. We can't take chances hoping that we won't lose.

19 months ago, he disappeared. The last thing he saw were the orange flames rising around him, on his body, in his face. His screams, discarded. No response. Charred beyond recognition. And he didn't even make the f*ckin news.

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