Sunday, February 15, 2009


How can a beautiful dream turn into your worst nightmare? When we fall asleep at night, we hope for the best. It's our chance to start over -- to forget about yesterday and focus on tomorrow. But what if your dreams turn into nightmares? Our chance to sleep and move on is interrupted and sometimes completely obstructed and we're left with nothing but a bad yesterday and tonight's nightmare...that sucks.

But sometimes we have beautiful dreams -- dreams of the ones we love who are no longer with us, dreams of those who are near and far, dreams of the future or dreams of memories of the past that we want to hold onto forever. So what is a dream really? People would like to believe they're pictures of what we would like to happen or even what could happen...created by the pleasant bits and pieces of our lives. But how could that be true? Some dreams have no sequence or clarity. They're just a bunch of bullsh*t. Or maybe not.

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  1. ya
    this is good
    Dreams emanate from our imaginations.
    As we know our imagination can stretch from reality to what we THINK is unreal.
    so maybe if we think unrealistically, our dreams will become realistic.

    i think we should always follow and create dreams to keep us inspired and even if we go through hell to get there, when we get there..we can say we got there.