Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the trend of our generation.

i was watching the mtv show 16 and pregnant and i have to admit that as much as i see this on the daily basis, it truly irritated me to watch it on tv.

so this is the world we live in. we make a tv show about the trend of underage pregnancy in america. we follow these teenage girls who get pregnant before they can graduate and no it's not the end of the world, but it's still painful to watch. i say painful because most of the time i am seeing young girls with even younger boys, taking on responsibilities they can not even wrap their head around. i am seeing young girls fall into the trap of believing that this boy is willing to help her take care of a baby. so she gives up her life and what she loves and he gives up practically nothing. boys do not carry babies. they do not experience the back pain and discomfort throughout the night. they do not have to stay at home with the baby. they do not have any physical connection with the baby when it is born. they do not give birth. they do not have any REAL reason to stick around if they don't want to.

it's really sad but it really touches me that there are so many young women continuing to do what they have to do AND take care of their babies despite the lack of support they are receiving. this may seem irrelevant and repetitive but it really grinded my gears. so i wrote about it =]

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  1. I agree. when I saw the preview I was like.. you serious?? It's sad. And frustrating