Monday, June 22, 2009

finding forever :)

i have been watching you grow from a boy into almost man (not there yet lol) and while the experience isn't always pleasant, it's an experience nonetheless. i watched you date every girl in the 7th grade. i watched you charm 12 and 13 year olds into thinking that you were the one that they wanted to marry. haha. i watched you stumble over any and everything over and over and over again. lmao. i watched you sing solos in the choir. i watched you quit choir to play basketball. i watched your voice go through that a w k w a r d change. i watched you come back to choir again. i watched you graduate from middle school. i watched you start high school. i've seen you in jerseys, polos, hoodies, t-shirts, dickies, button ups and cargo shorts. air forces, shelltoes, converses, dcs, timberlands, rockports, and 992s. i watched you charm more and more girls. lol. i've watched your hair grow on your face and your head. i've watched your style change. i've watched you play more basketball, get decent grades and....not so decent grades. lol. i've watched you throw tantrums. i've watched you play follow the leader. i've watched your maturity level grow. i've watched you become more and more...YOU.

7 years, 2 graduations, and 10 breakups later, you are still my best friend.

you are still the one i call when i'm bored and just want to get out of the house. you are still the one i text when i'm laying around. you are still the one i go to outback and olive garden with all thee time. you are still the one that's seen me at my absolute worse and my absolute best. you were there for me through 2 parental heart surgeries, illnesses, near death experiences, the majority of high school, great grades and...not so great grades, tears, laughter, smiles, anger, 4 cell phones, and 1504927439762 mood swings. lol. and while things have changed because we've gotten a couple of years older, we are still as close as we can possibly be :) because at the end of the day we still have each other. after all of the slammed doors, flying cell phones, back turning, screaming, crying, yelling, cussing, stomach turning and life threatening texts, knock down, drag out week long battles, we still have each other. lmao. it's only hilarious if you know me and you know him. i laugh now but tomorrow may be a different story.

stevi says : once in a while, there is a guy that will appreciate everything you do, that will tell you you're beautiful without telling you what you could have done differently.

with that being said...

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