Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

there are certain people that you expect to live forever.

it all started with my old school parents who taped every Michael Jackson event in the 80s and 90s starting with the Motown 25 year anniversary show where he debuted the infamous moonwalk. my best friend who is a big fan of Michael turned me on to him and the Jackson 5 -- full blast. she gave me some of her jackson 5 cds and we used to get on the phone and jam to michael jackson songs -- yes we sang on the phone because we were bored and we loved music. lol. but most importantly i connected with michael on a level that i did not connect with other artists even though he wasn't exactly "of my generation". that's neither here nor there. so here it is,

Dear Michael,

when i woke up this morning i thought today was going to be a GREAT day. i was happy, rejuvenated and excited about the sweltering heat that had finally come my way. then around 530 pm i heard the news that God (or Jehovah in your case) had come to take you home. and i screamed in disbelief, disappointment and sadness. you are the only artist that has caused me to burst into tears in the middle of the street because you are at your final rest. but I'm happy because that's exactly what you needed. rest. rest from the drama, accusations, negativity and pressure. rest from this world. you've left behind a PHENOMENAL legacy that i have yet to experience from any other artist in my life. i feel like i know you because it's like i watched you grow up but not really since i wasn't there at the time. lol. thank you for showing the world what true music sounds like and what a true entertainer is. your dance moves and music are both inspiring and sensational. you truly and wholeheartedly will be missed.

with love,
Jamila Davis

A week ago I asked the question 'what if michael jackson died ?' i wish i never had to know the answer to that question.


  1. i woke up this morning thinking this was just a dream because the last thing i dreamt was me singing never can say goodbye and listening to it on my stereo. But when I woke up I turned the tv on and there it was all over again- like i was shot another 10 times. I didnt think i would take it this hard especially since i never knew or met him but i cant stop crying and its like a part of me is gone but I'm trying to celebrate his life. In my mind he's still here- just somewhere much happier. and for all the people still talking about michael they need to be shot and hung.

  2. Wow...glad it wasn't just me who felt funny waking up that morning...nice blog dear...he will be missed...but through his music he will live forever...