Saturday, June 6, 2009

till death do us part.

her face kisses the sheets as the feather fluffed pillows fly from the bed that they christened over a decade ago. the passion marks consume her body as if she was attacked by leeches--unleashed and untamed with little regard for human life. her body is an array of colors reminiscent of a beautiful rainbow after a torrential storm. the bags under her eyes carry the burdens of life, love and marriage--frequently seeping with loose wet droplets of blood and tears. bags that disintegrate.

a constant ringing in her ear that barricades all understanding and communication due to the constant glass shattering shrieks and screams that curdle your blood. AND HIS. as she floats down the street like a zombie angel waiting for its eternal rest. the world smiles and gives awkward nods of approval that aren't any more awkward than her wrinkled lips and random crutches and casts that they can't miss but choose to avoid. repetitive forced facial reconstructive surgery. every month she's someone new - losing who she used to be and denying her true identity. why ? because he loves her too much.

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