Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rub the bean for goodluck : )

lying back squinting my eyes and staring at the sun lit sky as we answer texts, take pictures simultaneously and then get our seven chuckles off of how bad they turned out lol. or how unique the lighting or angle is. or the severity of the ugly faces being made when we weren't quite ready to have our picture taken. sifting through the sand between our toes. opening and closing our hands softly while watching the pale colored otherwise considered dirt slip from our grasp. like childhood.

but this is one of the closest things to it.

rinsing our muddy feet in the salty ocean water filled with jellyfish and sand crabs that we can catch once the wave settles them at our feet. and as the tide tries to take them away. the ultimate joy and look of accomplishment resonating in the eyes of some city girls with little appreciation for bugs or any crawling creatures for that matter. using our index finger as a drawing tool and the damp compact dark brown sand as our easel to write our names and who we love and what we love or just 'love' before it gets washed away. haha.

for a moment, the thoughts of being dirty from the sand sticking to our wet feet and legs and residing under our manicured fingernails subside. and the excitement to model our bare skin and experience the freedom we've lacked during our latter years due to silly teenage fear takes over. nothing else matters as we take in the subtle breeze that graces our skin and sends a chill over our bodies as we become 1/2 shade 'browner' from the open sun. nothing to obstruct our peace except each other.


    I felt like I was there..well I was lol- but I felt like I was there again thanks to your description!
    That was definitely a great day, as dreary as it might have been, the sun was secretly there.
    And i like the part where u talked about how free we were and comfortable with our bodies and showin our skin and wat not. I agreed completely. Must do this again!

  2. writtenmusek.blogspot.com =]