Friday, May 1, 2009

black girl lost .

the broken pieces of the puzzle , s c a t t e r e d .
as deceitful tales travel from her tongue to the ears of the ones she loves.
and her eyes leak in desperation for someone to end it all.
money falls at her feet like raindrops and she throws it all away
because her conscience outweighs her problems and his problems and their problems.
chasing a world of darkness on an endless road to nowhere.
seemingly heartless.
despite the constant lust for life that overwhelms her body daily.
the short breaths after the long, harsh blows to her chest,
the bandages that strap her ribs in place,
the makeup to disguise the bruises,
the smiles to defer attention,
the frowns that scream for help.
making the decision to infer incisions along her wrists.
to ironically ease the pain or at least to deflect from the eternal internal pain.
she cushions her falls down flights of steps
with her dedication to the lives of others, more than her own
b r o k e n .

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