Sunday, May 17, 2009

three ring circus. lmao.

so last night after dreading sitting in the house on my first saturday night back home , I begged for something to do and harassed stan and marvin into going out to eat and chillin--since that's what we intended to do at some point anyway. over christmas break we all went ice skating and out to eat and it was like a family affair. all was well. so we decided to make it a regular thing. however last night was far from family time and awkward as all turtles. lol.

basically , there was an unwanted and unappreciated vermin lurking in the shadows. so me , kristen , and imani were forced to break bread with someone we haven't liked since middle school. lol. but i wanted to do it anyway because i love stan and marv. long story short , it was very uncomfortable and segregated to say the least. lol.

but here's the punch line.
we met up at the restaurant. they were already there. to begin the awkward evening , we came in the revolving door in a less than wavy way. lmao. kristen and imani decide that all three of us can fit in the portal and spin into the restaurant. WRONG ! therefore we ended up getting stuck in the revolving door together , stumbling over each other's feet and then getting spat out into the restaurant like ringling brothers & barnum and bailey while people stared at us in disgust including the members of our own party. how embarrassing ! but all we could do was laugh at my soaked jeans and feet , our puffy, weathered wraps and our sweaty faces. FML.

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