Thursday, May 7, 2009

organized mess.

i love the fast paced life. i love the flashing lights and continuous bass running through my veins. but sometimes so many lights can burn you and blind you without you even knowing. and the bass can discombobulate your heart and r a t t l e your thoughts. just like that.

and when i feel like things are getting too crazy, i i turn down the lights and the loud music and i am left with nothing but my louder than life thoughts. i don't try to ignore them because i love thinking. it's both the most soothing and irritating aspect of my life.

so today, in an interview i was asked to describe myself in three words. i hate that question. because i'm so much more than three words. lol. i am a true product of my mother and father. compassionate, intelligent, beautiful, diligent, shy<-->cautious, stubborn, honest, caring, emotional. two totally opposite ends of the spectrum that color me BLACK. but somehow it works. and i love it. even if no one else can understand , i understand. and i am sure that there is at least ONE ? other person out there that can match it.

winding down , i realize that my personality is no longer so drastic. my qualities are no longer so. . . extreme. and i am actually evened out. thank God. haha.

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