Wednesday, May 20, 2009

black + talented = single ?

"It's hard to find a woman when you're talented and black" - Drake

I think this applies to both males and females. black men that are talented and successful are considered a rare breed. the media portrays them as black gods and our community is forced to idolize these actors, basketball players, lawyers, football players, rappers, singers, and doctors because there is no one else. so these men begin to think that every person that admires them socially or romantically is after their precious gold. because in the eyes of a gold digger , nothing is more precious than their money.

gold diggers - the women that make all talented black men speculate and abuse their relationships with women.

Now women are different. most black women that are talented and successful have problems finding a strong black man that doesn't mind making less money that his partner. why is that ? the male ego is very delicate and needs to be stroked like a purring kitten in order to avoid disputes. but most successful black women are not willing to stroke the male ego or mask their accomplishments in order to find a husband. so they remain single.

so why don't the talented and successful black men just marry the talented and successful black women ? well there aren't enough of each sex to couple everyone and most of the time they won't like each other. plus , if all of the less successful people marry each other then the world would continue to produce a severe upper class and a severe lower class. sucks right ?

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