Monday, May 11, 2009

reunited and it feels so good. . .

Right now I'm at my best friend Tracie house off Forest Park . . . westsideeee. haha. that's where we all reside so conveniently. so all of us are back together again . . . missing puzzle pieces that make me love and hate home. and after a few hours, i will get frustrated with them and wanna go back to my house. lol.

anyway, i have gotten used to not spending every day and every hour of my life with them. but they're definitely one of the only aspects of my life that i consider irreplaceable.

so as Toni devotes her attention to all of her yahoo hoes and Imani describes her self- explanatory pictures that we've all seen on facebook while Kristen is tuning in after being in a cave for 10 months and Jacquice and Tracie watch the season finale of House on this confusing and crazy high definition TV (that fast forwards and rewinds and shows when the house phone is ringing wth ? lol.) , I am texting my bro Marvo and blogging and tryna catch up on my internet use while my internet connection is out of commission. good times that I missed.

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