Tuesday, May 12, 2009

define sex.

soooo i just talked about how i was having [writer's block] . . .

"then it came to me like an epiphany" -Chrisette Michele

define sex. one of the most grueling and awkward topics one will ever encounter or discuss. something so painfully embarrassing like falling down a flight of stairs at graduation and painfully real like having a baby before you can graduate from high school. whether it be for pleasure or purpose , sex is something that we deny the respect of decent conversation or consideration and push to the side along with our vaginas. such a participatory act that creates and dissipates so many emotions within a short period of time. it's deeper than most people can actually feel whether they feel like it's already as deep as it can go or not. (sexual pun intended) define deep.

girls give it away freely with little thought or anticipation and guys do the same with NO thought or anticipation. i hate to be biased but based on what I've seen it's true. we live in a world where the more sex you have, regardless of who it's with , the more of a man you probably are and the less sex you have , depending on who it's with , the more of a woman you probably are. false. define man. define woman.

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