Sunday, May 3, 2009

my favorite necklace.

I wear love everyday like it's the latest fashion.
It hangs around my neck like a ball and chain
weighing me down to the most minimal options ,
the most impossible situations , the lamest emotions ,
the secret pain.
but when i wear it , i feel a sense of pride and individuality
- a sense of welcoming compassion for everyone to see.
it's something that i wear to remind me of me.
something so small but special , so that the world will remember me
not as the girl from "bmore" with the long black hair
or the girl that used to mess with [insert your name here] haha.
but as the girl who was not afraid to parade love everyday
fearless of her feelings , fearless of the truth.
the one to always say what's real . . .
a walking dichotomy called tough love
the girl who is always willing to give her heart away
with a baby pink ribbon and a vibrant red heart.

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