Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hiatus ?

i was reading my best friend's blog and i have complete understanding of the phrase [writer's block].

for the past four months , especially April , i have been blogging nonstop in hopes that somebody will read , appreciate, and understand my words. i have been pouring my heart and thoughts into this one setting where i am the most vulnerable and open.

but lately, i have lost some inspiration to write something genuine and amazing. and unlike my friend , i do have someone in particular that i could dedicate a love poem to and i do have particular painful situations that are seeping through my pours. BUT, i still have not come across a topic that has captured me enough to share with the world. no epic fairy tale moments , epiphanies or moments of sheer confusion that i haven't already expressed or that i am willing to devote my time to. as of yet . . .

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