Wednesday, May 27, 2009 be continued.

i finally have one more city/state to add to my list of travels...H O U S T O N !

i spent memorial day weekend in houston, tx with my best friends from spelman Lauren and Shetoi (we missed you taara ! lol) and had a blast. the weather was beautiful beautiful beautiful. sunshine and clear blue skies for the most part. 90 degree weather. no row houses ? live palm trees like on the movies about florida. lol. long 45 minute drives on the highway to get from the northside to the [and i complain about eastside to westside ?] road trip to austin, tx for UT Austin's graduation with grandma and john henry. lol. friendliest people ever. adventurous girls from the H-town. sambuca where they don't card which equalled apple martinis with ciroc all around and my favorite--amaretto sours =D butterfly lounge. 2 a.m. let out. streets flooded with people like new york city. slabs aka tricked out candy apple green cars. lol. after party at shell...yes the gas station. police raid. fastest clear out of the century. babysitting. shopping. church. eating. and more eating. law and order marathons. csi:ny marathon. tv and more tv. sleeping and more sleeping. laughing and more laughing. swimming but not really. movies. houston.

i will never as long as i live forget those 5 days where i entered a new time zone and a whole new world. something completely brand new to me and i loved it. i shall return very very very soon. next up...cali ? lol.

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