Monday, May 4, 2009

brand new ?

i love the concept of new beginnings and starting over ! even though i'm not really starting over , the summer of 2009 is definitely a new chapter of my life. i have been in atl since august 15, 2008 and i am definitely ready for something new. . .something different. in the past couple of weeks , i have been meeting some amazing people and that has kept my spirits up and going for the last half of the semester. shouts out to my new friends ! haha. going home isn't exactly different , but it's a change from atl trap music , the same people , and the same parties. i have bigger and more adventurous dreams. i have lived inside of a box my whole entire life and this semester , i smashed that shxt. lol. i used to wonder 'is anything i'm doing brand new ?' now i realize that 'everything i'm doing's brand new' [exclusive remix from Drake himself haha] I plan to murder the east coast this summer from NY to Miami. catch me if you can ;)

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