Friday, April 24, 2009

and i am just getting started !

so freshman year is basically over. phew. that was easy. lol. but really it was. most of the difficulty i faced was homesickness, this long distance relationship and shady male characters. other than that . . . piece of cake, piece of pie :)

so here's my countdown in no specific order.

1. getting stuck at atlantic station because this guy from Cali parked illegally and got his freakin car towed. smh.
2. my second thirsty thursday encounter where i got so unbelievably drunk that i could not hold my head up. lmao.
3. 4/20 - when i experienced the high of a lifetime that sent me into a psychotic rage.
4. every hump wednesday.
5. the night we went to a cookout, randomly ended up at this apartment in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, freestyled on the "stoop" and created a soul train line. lmao.
6. Cool Kids concert that Janelle Monae unexpectedly opened and made my night :)
7. Wale x UCB experience where i saw the love of my life - T.I.!!!
8. each and every thursday of first semester at motions when it was actually poppin. whomp.

9. Drake Concert !
10. OBAMA NIGHT! enough said.
11. the concept of the bottomless cup ;)

these are probably the most important/influential experiences of freshman year that i can think of at the moment . . . and as i keep hearing people say "I can't believe it's already over", all i can say is , "what ? I'm just getting started !"

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