Thursday, April 23, 2009

my vagina says . . .

so one of the privileges of attending an all Black women's college is that you can pretty much say anything you want. basically. and sometimes we start of our conversations like "my vagina says..." so what ? lol.

anyway . . . the word vagina is soooo taboo in our society. by the age of 20, we are still uncomfortable with even mentioning our vagina. but why ? people say it's because of the European ideals that have been forced upon us. supposedly women are supposed to be discrete and mysterious creatures. we're expected to suppress our sexuality and individuality. we are raised to believe that our vaginas are sacred. therefore, we shall not say its name in vain. but then again, women never have a reason to discuss our vaginas. our vaginas do not come up in our daily conversations. therefore, we never have the chance to even say the V word.

but, men repeatedly refer to their penises on the daily basis. they interact with their penis and they are taught to openly express their relationship with their genitals. however, most men will not refer to their penis as such because of a lack of maturity. actually, any non-medical conversation about the penis at all shows a lack of maturity and insecurity. but that's just my personal opinion. at least they don't have a problem with saying it.

my vagina says that we are too old to be afraid to even say her name. period. and if you are not mature enough at this point to say the biologically correct term for our private parts, you shouldn't be having sex either !

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