Wednesday, April 22, 2009

diligent disrespect.

we live in a world where men can commit terrible crimes against females but they can never commit to a relationship. women are emotionally brutalized while their husbands receive the purple heart for saving a fallen stripper and lying her on her back. and he kisses her lips with lies and deceit without having any remorse while her eyes burn with fury and indescribable passion. she cries. and all of the guys laugh because they feel no pain and in their eyes the feelings of a woman mean as much as the feelings of a man. nothing.

we live in a world where we are taught to forgive and forget when we're constantly remembering. and we can't help but to remember. terrible experiences that create blood clots for women who only ask questions because they're curious, not because they don't have trust. jealousy does not constitute distrust, but for some reason men don't believe so they invest in lust.

maybe i should invest in lust.

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