Thursday, April 2, 2009


i throw up my middle finger and unconsciously make strange faces that tell it all. i try not to be negative but my tongue just slips. my lips move faster than my mind sometimes and i am misunderstood. mistaken. "trust no nigga, fear no bitch mentality" a cement wall around my heart. underconstruction. i can make you love me . . . but not really. i'm an acquired taste. sassy but sweet - if you can make it there. the ones who are willing to remove the "wall" brick by brick are the ones who are closest to my heart. the people who are able to see right through it, are the people that love me the most . . . because they understand struggle. they understand pain. they understand me. but most people will never make it that far. why do i make it so hard ? because it's my life and i only want real people in it.

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