Tuesday, April 21, 2009

officially missing you.

as i wind down my freshman year, i can't help but think about summer. and as i think about summer, i think about all of the memories we will create and how much fun it will be to finally be reunited with my girls ! and that's mainly because when i sit down and mute the tv and get off of facebook, i realize that i miss my crew ! and i knew that i missed them. i knew it all year. but some recent events have definitely triggered some nostalgia.

i miss walking down the harbor and randomly climbing federal hill.

i miss taking pictures of unintentional ugly faces from fxcked up angles.

i miss laughing hysterically at people and situations that only we would find hilarious.

i miss Imani's random singing and Kristen's random rambling.

i miss Toni's crazy hair and Tracie's random appearance and disappearing acts. lol.

i miss Jacquice's rude comments and the shxt that we say back.

i miss phrases like "what is the chew ?", "what is the snazz ?" "what are the firecrackers ?" [the list goes on and on]

i miss driving all around Baltimore, jamming so hard that everybody has to stare.

i miss inside jokes and inside quotes.

i just miss you.

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